ModWeb - A Modular Web Environment

ModWeb (Modular Web) is a program execution environment (application middleware) for Web-applications (using WWW as user interface). It has completely different design and implemetation approach to system developement, deployment and service lifespan than any other existing environment. It has been desgined and implemented to address its users (organizations, administrators, end users in the net) needs, not its developers needs.

In technology point of view, ModWeb uses Apache webserver, Python programming languageu through mod_wsgi, Postgresql database and current web technologies like XHTML, CSS, Javascript and like.

It is, still in development and not ready for 1.0 release because it has not reached some of goals set. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be already used. Having those goals written out, anyone looking for a Web environment already knows where ModWeb is going and what is coming in the future. Those goals are the milestones that will be filled until new releases are done. Those are the ModWeb project values.


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