2. System Administrators

2.1. Installation

ModWeb installation for all non ModWeb-developement use is done using operating system package management to avoid building a culture of deployments that use SCM checkouts and being outside of system security updates.

Enabling the RPM repository:

# yum install -y http://modweb.org/modweb-release-0.1-1.noarch.rpm
# yum install -y modweb-core

will install the core system.

2.2. Architechture

Qt-GUI for domain's Apache and ModWeb management

ModWeb administration system provides both CLI and GUI tools to manage nodes that run sites. When a tool starts, it downloads a XML-definitions of possible configurations and provides choices for administrator, who then saves the created/modified configuration to nodes and node creates native configuration for particular parts like Apache web servers.

Nodes are organized domain-wise and each domain allows multiple database-instances, web-heads via load sharing (sessions are stored into shared database) if the site routing device (like Linux firewall) can do load distribution.

2.3. Configuration

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